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Should you have queries concerning the use of Trojan Remover these can be addressed to [email protected]. If you have MAIL CONTROLS or FILTERS set please ensure you are able to receive email from this address. You can click on the FAQ link above to see a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

Trojan Samples
Should you find that Trojan Remover is unable to correctly detect and/or deal with a Malware file (or files) then send all the information you have and, where possible, the actual Malware file(s) - or a location where a copy can be obtained. The Malware file behavior can then be analysed and any necessary amendments incorporated into Trojan Remover. 

For instructions on how to submit samples to Simply Super Software for analysis click on the Contact Us link above.

Known Conflicts

System Mechanic
We have received reports that version 7.x of System Mechanic, from Iolo, conflicts with Trojan Remover. The symptom is that when Trojan Remover starts, it appears to hang in memory, using 100% of CPU cycles (50% if you have a dual-core processor). To date, repeated attempts to contact Iolo about this problem have not been responded to. This problem is not confined to Trojan Remover; System Mechanic is causing conflict with a number of other applications. Here's an example, with a very good write-up explaining the problem: http://www.wrensoft.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1451.

Until Iolo issue a fix for this issue, a short-term solution is to manually locate and rename %ProgramFiles%\Iolo\Common\Lib\ioloHL.DLL (rename it to iolohl.dll.bak, for example). This does not appear to adversely affect System Mechanic, but does resolve the conflict.

PCTools Spyware Doctor
If you run a scan with Trojan Remover when Spyware Doctor is active, it may prevent Trojan Remover from completing the scan. The scan will appear to freeze whilst scanning the Running Processes. The freeze occurs when Trojan Remover attempts to scan a Spyware Doctor running process - Spyware Doctor prevents access to its own process, and "locks" Trojan Remover. There are two work-arounds for this:
1. Temporarily disable Spyware Doctor before running the Trojan Remover scan.
2. Disable Trojan Remover's scan of running processes (select Options from the main menu).
To date only customers with Windows 2000 have reported this issue.

MaxSecure Spyware Detector
When you run a scan with Trojan Remover (or when the FastScan runs), if Spyware Detector is actively monitoring the system Trojan Remover will show an alert that the PE386 rootkit has been heuristically detected. This happens because Spyware Detector prevents Trojan Remover from creating temporary registry keys. Spyware Detector itself may also raise an alert stating that the PE386 rootkit has been found.
To resolve this issue disable Trojan Remover's heuristic rootkit checks: start Trojan Remover, select Options from the main menu and then click on "Heuristic rootkit detection warnings enabled" to turn this option off.

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